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we have packages available!! All packages will be customized to help you achieve your goals

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We will demonstrate ways we can help you get more online leads for your business.

 Highly Experienced & Uniquely Creative

Here at Ecaz Unlimited,  we enjoy helping business owners land more leads. create social interactions and social engagements.  A lot of business owners are still wondering how to leverage the power of the internet to bring in more potential clients.  We can help you get an edge by leveraging your online markets. We are a video marketing agency in St.John U.S.V.I with over 20 yrs  creating\ multimedia products, that are responsive to their particular markets. Here at Ecaz Unlimited studios we carefully craft your customize commercial video campaigns using digital media, photography and video production to engage with your audience. By partnering with us we can bring clarity to your brand and begin to drive people to your website that are interested in knowing more about you.

Many service providers and product owners are looking for a way to leverage the internet also but don't have the time to learn. We can be the solution, our distribution outlets will place the image and likeness of your products and services and brand in front of your target audience.

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A new day has dawned, As technology advance so should traditional video production, We create brand awareness and attention grabbing  commercial campaigns  using video and other visual aids to boost sales and leads

Ecaz Unlimited VS Traditional Video Production

What make us unique? Tradition video production company pre production, Production, Post Production, but they do not distribute your video assuming that all their clients know the effective ways to market and place their advertisement. 

Ecaz Unlimited VS ad agencies

We effectively  create, place and maintain all your video ads.

The Production process

1st step
We Pre Produce 

 We gather all the necessary pieces of information needed to execute your project while meeting your goals. We guide our clients] through the Pre-production process, by utilizing a special pre-production checklist to ensure we target the right audience, staying within budget and meeting target deadlines.

We produce and script write

2nd step
We execute create and capture

So both parties, Ecaz Unlimited and you our Client, has decided on the "who" "What" "Where" Why and  "When". Our production schedule and call time has been determined. So now it is time to create the raw content.

Step 3

I have captured or created the raw material and determined that we have all the necessary pieces to complete your project, We have acquired all the content exactly how pre-planned. At this stage, we compile all our media to create the finished product.

Step 4

We place your product and/or service in front of your target audience We create carefully constructed ads that get result and conversion. Track results

Edward Cazaubon
Director/ editor

Meet the Team

Karen Bell
Creative Director/Producer
Brandon Williams
Producer/ editor

We are located in St.John U,S Virgin Islands. 


providing services in the virgin Islands

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